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Ravens had six players on injured reserve

Baltimore Ravens still plague by the injuries of players since they have just had a season, with many players’ injured absence.

Ravens announced last Saturday that they had six players on the reserve of injury, including outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil, wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. and Breshad Perriman, running back Trent Richardson, and cornerback Jumal Rolle.

It’s not a surprise. Suggs and Smith are still recovering from their Achilles tendon injuries. Dumervil just received the foot treatment in the offseason. Richardson is trying to keep his weight after participating in the offseason training in part due to a hamstring injury. However, Rolle will miss the whole new season because of his Achilles tendon.

Everyone will focus on Perriman, Ravens first round picked last year, has missed the whole last season due to the right knee injury and tears his left knee cruciate ligament in the offseason training.

Suggs, Smith, Perriman and Dumervil is expected to return during training camp, but Richardson’s future is still uncertain.

There is a good new for the Ravens that quarterback Joe Flacco isn’t on the injured list. The Ravens staring quarterback absented six games in the last season due to the injuries. He is expected to return during training camp as well.

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